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I believe photography should mirror the uniqueness of each + every wedding.

Couples have different ways of expressing affection, sense of humour, levels of extrovertness or introvertness. I recognise this by working at their own pace. I choose to only document a small number of weddings a year just so that I can focus on creating images that truly reflects my couple's energy and personalities, in their own personal + unique way. My relaxed photography style is mix of documentary reportage with a creative cinematic twist.


Before the wedding 

pre-wedding chat - we'll meet at least once before the day so we can chat about what matters most to you on your wedding.

we'll go through the itinerary of the day making sure we have enough time for photos so you don't have to worry about any of this on the day + so I'm always at the right place at the right time.

- pre-wedding photoshoots - these sessions are a fun way to break the ice + get an insight into how I shoot before the wedding day. not to mention, you finally get some photos together as a couple which aren't taken with a selfie stick, which is a great bonus.

Have a look at some of my recent sessions here.



on the wedding day

- coverage starts at whatever time you choose + I usually recommend 2h before the ceremony to get the final stages of prep covered too.

to me, every "big moment" such as ceremony, speeches, 1st dance, are just as important as the "little moments" in the middle, so I'm always tuned into taking photos that tell the full story the day.

group shots - most of the day I keep to my documentary style but step in to do some family group shots. we'll plan this together before the wedding so you can actually enjoy being with your loved ones instead of spending a ton of time posing with them on your day..

- couple's portraits - what can sound a bit nerve wrecking is actually the only bit of quiet time you'll have with each other on their wedding day. I'll guide you into showing me all the things that reflect your happiness + relationship in that moment while I capture it all on camera, so you can go back to this memory for years to come.

- dance - I usually stay for an hour or more after the 1st dance if things don't run late because drunk dancing is the best. I'm partial to a good dance floor, so don't be alarmed if you find me there dancing with everyone while I take photos... it's a skill I'm pretty proud to have developed over the years.



after the wedding

- editing - normally it takes me 3-4 weeks to edit your wedding photos + i really invest my time in editing them individually. this involves correcting skin tones + giving life to the real colours on the day.

delivery - you will receive a USB in the post + a private online gallery where you + your guests will be able to preview and order from a range of printed products directly from there. in your online gallery you'll be able to pick and choose which photos to hide and to share!

wedding album - photos look so much better printed than they do in pixels + i work with one of the best printing labs in the UK designing fine art wedding books that are literally made to last a lifetime. you can add this with your package or order one after the wedding + even better, you'll be able to create your own one directly from your gallery if you wish for me not to edit one for you (:





Whether you're introverts or extroverts, if you're a little more private or a fellow over-sharer, i embrace all characteristics + qualities that makes us all human i will always support + encourage you to be nothing but yourself - so long as kindness + respect is mutual.


No Posing.
No Pretending.
No Cheese.

No Posing.
No Pretending.
No Cheese.

I know that you feel super awkward in front of the camera. I do too! That’s why you want your wedding photographer to feel like a friend and help you chill out. I get told that I am less like a stuffy supplier, and more like a guest that takes cool photos! My couples always say that I help them feel totally at ease. No posing or pretending. No pomp and circumstance. Just fun.

So if you’re all about partying like it’s 1999, chest bumps and necking champagne from the bottle on your wedding day and you want a bunch of awesome photos to record the day without the hours of boring group shots and cheesy poses, we should definitely talk!

Whether you’re planning a cool city wedding, a tipi wedding in a field or even the tiniest elopement in a simple town hall– I want to hear from YOU. I’m a big fan of couples who want to stick an almighty finger up at tradition, and be totally themselves in their wedding planning. YOU DO YOU, BOO!


Here’s how a typical day would look for a 2pm Ceremony:

11am - I arrive at bridal prep. It sounds really early but it really helps everyone ease in to having their picture taken. I don’t stick a camera in peoples faces straight away. I may start with some simple detail shots until some makeup goes on (I know what you girls are like)

1.30pm - I’ll head off to the ceremony venue shortly before you to make sure I’m there and ready for you arriving.

2pm - The Ceremony, I just do my thing.

2.45pm - You’re married! Everyone is hugging, smiling and congratulating you guys. I’m there to catch all the moments.

3pm - We quickly go through the family formal photographs. Now this is an important bit. I get asked a lot about these. Family groups pics are very important. I photograph weddings the way I would want mine to be photographed and I certainly don’t want to be standing in the one spot for hours with a conveyor belt of distant relatives jumping in and out for photos. If you’re looking to have a big list of groups then it’s unlikely I’m the photographer for you. Of course, mum’s and dads, gran and grandpa’s, the bridal party etc are no bother at all and I shoot these as relaxed as possible. I advice around 8-10 group pics is ideal and allow about 20-30 minutes for these.

3.30pm - Lets go and take some pics of you guys as a freshly married couple. We’ll go a walk, pick a nice spot and hang out for 20 mins. Nothing to stiff or awkward. Simplicity wins every time.

3.50/4pm - Go enjoy time with your guests whilst I mingle and capture more moments. I’ll grab some detail shots of the reception set up too.

5pm - Guests are sat for dinner and speeches commence.

5.45-7pm - Dinner. I’ll usually take a break here and grab some dinner too.

7pm-8pm - If the light is right, I’ll ask to take you guys for another 10 minutes or so for some more pictures in the sweet light. This is often the best part of the day. You guys are relaxed as the pressure of the day eases and you get some quiet time together. During this hour I’ll take more guest candids and set my lights up for the dancing.

8pm Onwards - The first dance. Whether it’s a slow dance or a flashdance, I’m there for all of it. Then I’m there to catch everyone else join you and party the night away. I’ll be there till the last dance!

Easy as that!

In a nutshell, you’re marrying your best friend and having a great time with your family and friends and I’m there to document it. I’m not there to run the day and tell everyone what to do, I’m there to let you have a stress free, enjoyable day and give you memories to look back on for a lifetime.


Happy Clients


"When we got our photos back I was blown away and cried so many happy tears. Niall captured it all perfectly. A truly lovely human and amazing photographer and we can’t recommend him enough!"

Chris + Jordan


"We absolutely love the photos. On the wedding day, he managed to get some absolutely brilliant pictures of us and my guests. He is such a talented photographer, such a laugh on the day and we couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks so much Niall!!" 

Faye + Ryan


“Looking at our photos gives me the sparkly feeling I had on the day- That’s a magic skill!! He is so friendly, chilled out and bubbly – it was like he was one of our friends and wedding guests.”

Natalie + Alex

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