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Updated: Sep 6, 2023

What is an Engagement Shoot?

An engagement shoot is exactly what it says on the tin! A photoshoot for you both to celebrate this super exciting period of time as a newly (or not so newly) engaged couple! They can be wherever or whatever you want them to be. Let yourselves be yourselves, no matter how goofy, & let your personalities show in your photographs! It gives you a chance to meet your photographer before your big day & really get a vibe for what it’s going to feel like being in front of the camera.

Engagement shoot at Ilkley Moor, West Yorkshire

& why should I consider booking one before our wedding?

If the thought of being in front of a camera sharing loving gazes and smooches gives you the absolute fear then I’d definitely consider facing that fear head-on! An engagement shoot gets rid of any nerves about the way I work and lets you both see what it will be like to have me around as your professional, third-wheeling, terrible-humoured photographer on your big day! I’m positive your nerves will soon fly out the window and you’ll be just as buzzing as I am to see each other again on your wedding day. You’ll leave feeling ready for your wedding and know that I’ve got your back. Your wedding will be captured beautifully and honestly without the fuddy-duddy poses!

Engagement shoots are fun, relaxed and about the both of you. We’ll take a walk, chat about wedding and you’ll get to see that you don’t need to be posed to come away with amazing photographs. Just be yourselves and your unique quirks, then the way you are with each other will shine through in the photos taken. I want your photos to feel like you.

Engagement shoot in Manchester during a typical rainy British day

They’re also a great chance to celebrate your engagement… It’s exciting and the time you spend as an engaged couple deserves to be celebrated as well! The locations are endless, I’ve been all over the UK to some amazing places to meet my couples. Maybe there’s a spot that you’ve always loved going for walks, maybe the city centre is your cup of tea, maybe there’s a location that means a lot to your relationship or even the place you had your first date. Pick a time and a place and let’s go capture this amazing part of your journey together! If the endless choices of location leave you drawing a blank, I’ve got plenty of recommendations as well whether you’re in Manchester, Leeds, Lake District, Snowdonia, Peak District or anywhere else in the UK.

I love getting to know my couples on a more personal level and I want you to get to know me as well. On an engagement shoot, I never go straight into it. I like to take 10 minutes at the beginning to just chat, hear all about your day, see how your plans are coming along and just get to know each other better. I want to hear all about your vision for your wedding day and get just as excited as you both are!

Engagement shoot on Ilkley Moor, West Yorkshire

If an engagement shoot sounds like something that would be right for you, please get in touch with me through my contact form here and let’s have some fun with it! If you fancy having a wee look through more of my work you can find that here!

An added bonus to having an engagement shoot is that, if you haven’t already sent them, you have amazing pictures of the two of you to personalise your save the dates or invitations!

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